Why SageBerry?

Experience matters.  SageBerry's founder has more than 25 years general management, strategy and marketing experience at leading retail, consumer and luxury brands, working closely with C-level executives, Boards of Directors and multi-function teams.

Architect and Builder.  Unlike many consulting firms that recommend elegant solutions that ultimately stall in implementation, our rich experience covers the landscape from design to implementation.

Proven Approach.


  • Objective:  We give you our unvarnished view of the truth.


  • Hypothesis-Driven:  We don't believe in fishing expeditions or the hope that tons of analysis will miraculously yield the silver bullet. We quickly work to develop a set of plausible options and focus our work on the most critical issues/questions to get into action.


  • Analytically Sound:  We use fact-based consumer, marketplace and financial analysis to support our work as much as time and budget will allow. When we don't have the data, we apply the judgment and intuition we have developed over an extensive range of experiences.


  • Collaborative:  We know that true, lasting success happens after the consultant is gone. We work to incorporate your organization's best thinking, address key concerns, teach new tools and build alignment to help ensure the end result.

  • High ROI:  Our broad and deep experience means you don't pay for our learning curve.

Customer-Centric.  Always. Because it's ultimately what separates you from the competition.